AC is been Conceptually created from Adolfo and Alessandra as an expression of Life and Style.

Founded in 2002 , the brand style has been immediately recognized as unique with a strong personality.

Collections are inspired from a deep sensual chic behavior.

Adolfo and Alessandra both came from artistic studies and tied by families who were operating in the field of jewelry.

AC concept is combining the creation of contemporary fine jewelry with the art of wearing in an effortless and natural way.

Adolfo courrier atelier offers several beautiful collections , each with its own story to tell.

Pop collection draws its inspiration from the signature palettes of artist like Warhol and Litchtesnstein. Rings rendered in gold , precious and semiprecious stones , hand-formed and shaped in his own studio, intricate textures, chromatic paves, enamels and combined precious metals make an instant impression.

Adolfo Courrier is a brand that adept at interweaving beauty and function, successfully transiting the subtle statement to the theatrical flourish with an astonishing technical mastery.

Starting from the end of 2019, AC has introduced a sophisticated worldwide patent system , which allows a single ring to dress up to 8 finger sizes, without altering the shape of the ring.

The Multisize Design Study Project, is an added value to the unique style of the brand , and a great distinction towards the future of high-level jewelry.